Best Homeschool Business

I'm always impressed when I find a homeschool family that has incorporated an entreprenurial vision with their regular family lifestyle. I'm sure you can think of some great textbook companies, audio/visual production companies, or a variety of home-spun ministries that are operating well. I've dealt with several over the years, but I think I have found the "Best Homeschool Business" on the internet!
Allow me to introduce the Ding Family. Recently, I was reading on their family website, when I came across this fantastic custom "Do Not Disturb" sign that was designed and created by their son. (Follow the link...prepare to laugh...).
So, I left a comment expressing a passing interest in one of these creations. Well, guess what showed up in the mail this week...that's right...I have my own personalized "Do Not Disturb" sign.

Take a peak at the detail the Ding Family puts into their custom work. The handiwork and the design patterns, show that this is not an ordinary piece of homemade craftsmanship. Here is my personally handmade item that I received in the mail this week:

My Own Custom Made "Do Not Disturb" Sign

That's not it, for the low, low price of $30.99, you can get your own fabulous creation (hand drawn). Feel free to contact the Ding Family directly for your own custom sign, or just leave a comment on their blog...that's what I did.

Ding Family Creations

Congratulations to the Ding have won theMangoTimes award for the Best Homeschool Business!

Quietly Making Noise, Fletch