Go Go Go Joseph!


"For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the Great God, Mighty and Awesome." Deuteronomy 10:17

I am back home again and doing my best to manage the other seven Fletchers and my dental practice. For those that think I'm doing it all by myself...don't be fooled!...grandmothers and grandfathers and friends and employees are making this week possible! (Thank you all again and again!).
Kenj is spending her days with Joe and I am driving down every night to see my Mighty little guy as he slowly edges toward recovery!

My mom and I made a quick trip down to the hospital last night to drop off the three girls with Kendra's folks. I was able to have a quiet dinner with Kenj (thanks Mom!) and then we all visited with Joseph. I took a few pictures for you and I have taken the time to answer a few of your questions.

"Holding Hands With Mom"


"Sleeping in the PICU with Mom and Grammy Cookie"

...and now for a few of your questions...

Several of you wanted to know what the captions were on the photos of Mighty Joe's bed. We put them there, because we wanted the doctors and nurses to know who Joe is and why we want him to get better. At the same time, it softens a tough situation and makes the entire experience more personal for all of us.

"My family portrait"


"Healthy Joe"


"My big brother Christian"

A few of you have also asked, does his room have any decorations? Well thanks to a few guests there are some pictures and cards, but his favorite decoration so far is this balloon from Auntie Lisa.

Hello, I am Joe Fletcher's grandson!

Quietly Making Noise,

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