Fuzz Buzz Friday Night

I searched theMangoTimes and realized that I have written several times about the famous Fletcher "Fuzz Buzz" without ever offering the recipe. Since this adult slurpee is a summertime staple around our kitchen and it's been a scorcher in the Central Valley this past week, I thought I would finally break open the vault and let everyone enjoy these frozen summer beauties. Have a great weekend and enjoy the photos of these yummy treats (Read: I expect to be invited over...).

Fuzz Buzz (makes a pitcher)
4 peaches (remove pit, but leave on skin...that's the fuzz part)
1 large can limeade
Vodka (that's the buzz part)
Ice (to taste)
Combine all ingredients and blend until thick, icy and smooth. Pour into glasses and enjoy!

"Fresh Peaches (We hand picked ours tonight!)"

"One can frozen limeade"

"Ice, ice, ice..."

"Blend until smooth and icy"

Quietly Making Noise,

***Yes, yes, yes...these are adult slurpees, and I left out pictures of the vodka, so don't forget to add one can vodka for each batch. Of course, if you want the "kid version" you can leave the vodka out. That's how the mangokids like them! Cheers!