Good News and More Photos!

Therefore the sisters sent to Him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom You love is sick. When Jesus heard that, He said, This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it.
From John 11

Personally, I want to thank you for your prayers and your concern for Mighty Joe and for us. Let me preface my comments by saying that we want him to get well (and quickly!). But, like this verse says, more than healing we desire that this entire experience and it's outcome be used primarily to bring more glory to God.
If you know God and are a follower of Christ - we hope Joe's struggles causes you to worship Him more. If you don't know God or if you have strayed from Him, maybe Joe's trials and his struggle for life will cause you to seek diligently after God! If you are waiting and reading the "Joe Updates" everyday and you are looking for good news - I want you to know that there is already really good news (better than anything I could ever write here!).

Favorite Phrase of the Day: "You have a strong son!" uttered by Dr. Jorge Montes during morning rounds.

Least Favorite Phrase of the Day: "Is that the father or the grandfather sitting with him?" uttered by a ridiculously inept and partially blind medical staff person looking into Joe's ICU suite where I was sitting with him.

Interesting Facts: Our doctor has seven kids. The rug in the reception room to the hospital is round and decorated to look like the world (it cost 1 million dollars) far, our stay here has probably paid for the section of Greenland.

And now for a new section of theMangoTimes that I like to call: "Photos from the PICU" (for the full affect, please pronounce it "Pick You").

"Mighty Joe and Kendra in the hospital together - Day one of life"

"Mighty Joe and Kendra in the hospital together - Week 8 of life"

"Mighty Joe - Master of Urine!"

This is how Joe greeted me this morning...eyes wide open and looking around his room with a bag full of pee ( is still "Stupid Pee"...but we are still on hold for dialysis!).

All the grandparents were here yesterday to see Joe.

***Note***Grammy and PopPop also dropped off their killer motorhome so Kendra can stay in the hospital parking lot (say it with me..."suhweeeeet"). This morning I felt like Cousin Eddie from "Vacation" parked in front of Clark Griswold's house. I walked outside with my robe and slippers and waved to all the arriving doctors that park nearby.

Pastoral visit from my co-elders at CVP

I received word from the PICU staff that one of the elders has been added to the "watch" list for any future visits! Can you guess which one?

Joe's PICU Suite

PICU Bed = $5,000/night
Cardiac Monitor = $2,500/hour
Pampers Diapers = $85 each
Getting to hold your child for 5 minutes in the midst of 20+ tubes/monitors = Priceless

"Pumping the drugs"

So if you know my wife, she doesn't like to give the kids Tylenol at home. Joe, on the other hand, is getting two kidney medications, an antibiotic, a stomach medication, heparin, sugar water, and occasional blood products.

Helipad at 95 degrees

This is one of my favorite parts of Joe's room, this is the view of the helipad where we get to watch the other trauma patients arrive from around the state. Give him about five years and this will be Joe's favorite part of the room too!

Quietly Making Noise,

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