And now for a break in the tension...

The serious updates can still be found over at Kendra's blog, but we also wanted to take a break and answer some questions and make you smile...

"How did this happen?
Many of you have asked how Baby Joe could have gotten this virus (which we are now referring to as the "Enter-oh no!" virus). Here's the deal...we don't know how he got it, but we have a few guesses as to where it might have come from:

"Christian, those jelly things are Joe's eyes..."

"What do you mean, Did I wash my hands?"

"One of these days I am going to grow up and whoop yo butt!"

"Favorite Phrase of the Day"
I love to hear the doctor with the East Indian accent say: thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Go ahead, I know you want to try just sounds funny!
I also love to hear very specialized critical care doctors say the term: "stupid pee."

"What's going to happen to Joe...I mean...uh...?"
A few have also hinted or indirectly questioned if this is potentially life threatening or if Joseph might die in the hospital...I know it is a weird thing to ask, so I thought I would address it head-on. So, if you are wondering...there are no guarantees in life (ever...for Baby Joe or for you...). However, the general mood that we've picked up by the doctors in the ICU is that they expect recovery and it's not just the power of positive thinking. Typically, even little babies recover from the "enter-oh no! virus." We just don't know what "recovery" means yet...

"What is it really like in ICU?"

Here is Dr. Kallas - He rocks!. He is not really into blogging, but he is on very little sleep, so in a moment of weakness he agreed to being on theMangoTimes (He is also the one that coined the term: "stupid pee").

This is me with Nurse Kelly (Her heart rate is fine by the way) She is having a hard time working with me around and I think she is sick of hearing me say "thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura" in an East Indian accent.

Thanks for walking this with us!

Quietly Making Noise,

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