Baby Joe in the Hospital!

This is a duplicate of Kendra's blog...

Our 7week old...Little Joe...took an ambulance ride to the hospital today. When Kendra woke him, he was unresponsive, white and struggling to breathe.

Pray for Me!

Our local hospital continued to be worried with Baby Joe's responses, so he was transported to Valley Children's hospital about two hours south of our home. He's in the Pediatric ICU and they continue to run a bunch of tests to determine what's going on in his little body. The current theory is that he has a systemic bacterial infection or "nasty" virus. They are running tests tonight and should know more in the morning. He's getting the best care we can give him and the doctors/nurses working on him had me so confident that I snuck Kendra away for a few hours sleep.

For those willing to pray with us:

Praise God:

  • The admitting staff at our local hospital knew us and took great care of us and all of our needs.
  • The doctors/nurses recognized that we needed to be transferred.
  • The transfer team was top notch and cared for him in route to the Children's hospital.
  • The doctors/nurses treating him in the ICU are fantastic. He's getting one on one attention with the pediatric specialist and nursing staff.
  • Kendra's SIL is an RN at this specific Children's hospital and her brother/family live about 10 minutes away.
  • Kendra's folks came to stay with our kids and their house was equally close which gave us a place to catch up on some sleep (and still be close enough if they needed us!).

Pray with us:

  • For a complete and correct diagnosis.
  • That his fluids would regulate and all of his blood numbers would stabilize (he's all over the map with his lab results).
  • That the test results would be conclusive.
  • For our kids at home.

We have great internet access and we will update as we can.

God is good...all of the time,


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