So we were gone this past weekend. You can guess if you want, but I'll make it easy and just tell you that we were in blazing hot Sausalito. Three years living in San Francisco, it never got over 80 degrees. This weekend it was about 95...with no wind and no fog. Great weather...and for a second I almost considered living there again.
We ate good food, slept in a posh hotel, lallygagged around town and had a nice visit with an orthodontist friend who just moved to Napa Valley to make some great wine. Check them out...
I know what you are wondering though...who watched the other kids while we were gone, right? Well wouldn't you know best friend Eric and his wife ponied up for the commitment to watch all seven mangokids. He gave them some great adventures...check it out: pictures of the mangokids shooting guns!
With my time away, I had the chance to work on a few posts...coming later this week: "i've been published"..."orthodontists who make onesies"...and a few other treats...
Quietly Making Noise,