Here's something you don't see everyday...

You may not know this, but about once or twice a month I run out of gas in the VW. This morning was another one of those days...ran out of gas on the way to work with two mangokids in the car. It is just part of classic VW ownership (they are quirky cars...with mine, it's a faulty fuel gauge and broken I try to drive by "the force" and "sense" when I am getting low on gas...typically I am pretty good, but occasionally I fail). Thankfully, I carry a spare tank of gas. So, today at lunch, I decided to run by and fill up the tank with gas.
I've been driving this car because it gets good gas mileage (and it's permanently topless...), but I still complain each time I pump 4.58/gal gas into the tank. Well, I am not going to complain as much anymore...because while I was filling up my car I looked over at the pump next to me and watched this guy pull up and hook up to the diesel...
Expensive Fill-Up
You would think they would have a special place to fill-up school buses? Since when do they drop by the local Shell station. I half-expected a fire truck to show up behind him and fill up as well.

Quietly Making Noise,