Viva el ocho!

Joseph Pinter Fletcher made his way into our world at 9:59pm on monday, may fifth 2008. As I've said before, he's as big and long as the previous seven mangokids (personally, I only care about weight and length if it's something circus-like), but for those of you that require details: he weighed in at 7.1 ounces and he's twenty inches long.

Delivery went well...I was tasked with photography and drink support. Auntie Lisa was there for labor support and this time we even had two young attendants (mangogirl #1 and katy bug were there to learn all about the wonders of live birth and midwifery). My best friend Eric even showed up multiple times throughout the day to shower us with yummy treats, food, and drinks (he's really milking the mr. thoughtful role...).

Kendra had a pretty nice cocktail of pain medication, so we were a little unsure of what to do with ourselves and all of a sudden Little Loe made his arrival. I lost the bet on Kendra's blog by a few hours, but I'm glad he made it on Cinco de Mayo...his birthday will be celebrated with chips, salsa and margaritas for the remainder of his years.

Here are some photos of the joyful event:

"joseph pinter fletcher, born 5-5-08"

what we refer to as "the epidural smile"

auntie lisa, patient advocate/bully if needed

mr thoughtful showed up with starbucks"

mangogirl #1 cutting the cord (yikesy!)

all toes and fingers accounted for

� One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts.�

quietly making noise,