Now that I am using my iPhone, I have the ability to get photos at the spur of the moment, like this one which was snapped in traffic the other day.
You know I am not a big fan of roadside memorials (or pinto bean can memorials!).  Here is another version that I am sure you have seen cropping up around town...this is what I refer to as the "carmemorial."
I have a few questions about carmemorial protocol? is it like a regular memorial and do you "leave it up" for the remainder of eternity or do you eventually scrape it off?  If you sell the car, does the next car owner have to leave the memorial on the window?
Also, if I die and there are any of you that commit to a carmemorial...please don't put me on an Oldsmobuick or a Pinto. I would prefer to be on a VW Bus, but not just a plastic decal on the back window. I'd like the whole side of the bus committed to a memorial ( the style of hippie haight-ashbury concert posters). Now that would be a memorial!

Quietly making noise,