Not a Teenager Anymore!

Don't let the previous post confuse you...I have no ability to dance...and will never be chosen for ABC's new show "Dancing with the Dental Professionals," but I have finally gotten serious about my presidency of TSLC* and the ramifications of my club membership for the past ten years.
*TSLC - The Sedentary Lifestyle Club

This year we introduced organized sports to our family. Over the years, we skipped little league, soccer and all the other kiddie sports available to young children.  We dabbled in tennis and gymnastics, but never committed to any sport that involved evening practices or weekend games (it was mostly a time issue, but also a general lack of interest in those sports offered and I didn't want to flake-out on any commitment to the team or the coaches).

Last summer we found a sport that we were willing to let the kids play (or truthfully...we found a sport that Iwas willing to attend with the kids).  Realizing my fondness for being poolside, the Mangoboys and I have begun playing water polo.

proof that i\'m playing

"Like a slow moving Florida manatee"

Mangoboy #1 is playing on a team for the first time.  Unlike me, he's strong, he's young, he's muscular and he recovers remarkably well from practice.  I am old, slow, not so muscular and it takes me a few days to recover just from the effort it takes me to put on my speedo.

One for the highlight reel

It's been 20 years since I last played the sport and aside from realizing how horribly out of shape I have become, overall it's been a great experience. I joined a master's polo program - which I thought meant "old," but in reality means anything past the age of 20.  A few middle-aged guys like me show up, but typically I workout/play twice a week with players that are 1/2 my age with twice the speed and strength that I have. I'm having a lot of's great exercise, the young guys are fun to try and keep up with, and it gives my boys another reason to laugh at their dad (read: speedo).

Quietly making noise,