Space Sticks

I've mentioned it before...the seventies were the best decade on record (yes, I know that there were gas lines, crooked politicians, and disco...but there was also Scooby-Doo, Farrah Fawcett, and Evel Knievel...not to mention the really bad diet food). I loved the seventies!

The Space Race!
As the space race continued through the seventies, there were a variety of "space products" that came out for kids: I can remember drinking Tang and watching Steve Austin as The Six Million Dollar Man (Gentlemen...we can rebuild him...we have the technology).  One of those cool things that hit the local grocery store was a little snack we all enjoyed: Space Sticks!

Space Food Sticks
Astronaut Food

Do you remember these?  They were tube food that held a putty-like substance that tasted similar to peanut butter (I emphasize the point that they "tasted similar to").  The truth behind this treat was that we were so jazzed to pretend we were astronauts, we forgot the food tasted like flavorless paste. It's been so long, but if I remember correctly, they were a dough-like stick that resembled current processed string cheese.

Now they are wrapped in individual cubes. I ate one and gave one to each of the Mangokids...we each thought they tasted really really bad. It doesn't help that we don't have any popular astronauts anymore...bionics just aren't as cool as they once were. That would probably help us to enjoy these treats.

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