ridiculous candy #11 - candy ear wax

you can expect several posts about ridiculous candy in the near future. kendra and a few girlfriends traveled to sonoma county (just north of san francisco and over the hill from napa valley - think: beautiful, relaxing, etc...). there is only one thing the mangokids thought about when mom was gone: candy! that is because there is a huge candy shop with tons of ridiculous candy for sale.

"candy ear wax"

had they only thought of this in time, they could have included it as a package deal with this other tasty treat, but i'm pretty sure there is not a lot of cooperation in the gross candy fabrication industry.

on another note, i'm not sure what these candy wizards are thinking about by making edible candy out of bodily emissions. seriously? have you watched any preschoolers lately? they do just fine eating their own boogers, ear wax, finger nails, etc... i don't think we need to encourage them in any way, shape, or form. i've already got a few in my house that are finding those convenient nose holes and ear holes filled with a variety of hidden treats. i am not buying candy that mimics picking, digging and tasting...

quietly making noise,