spring work day

temperatures are supposed to hover around 70 degrees this weekend - another day in central valley paradise :). so, i am prepared for another great couple of work days out in the back yard. we have veggie beds to build, a chick coop to get ready for next week's arrivals (25 barred rocks and 25 buff rocks), plus the regular weeding, sweeping, and clean up. this morning, i snuck out of the house with my camera and took a quick walk around the yard. below is a quick photo essay of why i love living here.

one of my favorite things about living in the central valley is the access to fresh fruit. if you haven't visited "straight arrow farms,"(logo forthcoming) we have a variety of crops to offer you throughout the seasons: cherries, apples (x3), peaches (x2), apricots (x2), key lime, tangerine, meyer lemon, oranges (x2), lemon, red flame/thompson/black monuka/concord grapes, plums, pluots, nectarines, pears, grapefruit, olives and soon to be planted petite syrah wine grapes.


plum jelly - step 1

plum jelly - step 1, continued

if you haven't raised chickens for fresh eggs, you don't know what you are missing. abby is our chief egg-collector and typically comes in heralding the daily totals. i love to crack and scramble these newly collected eggs...the yolks are vibrantly yellow and the flavor is unbeatable.

omelets - step 1

breakfast for dr. seuss

it may look old and rusty, but just seeing this piece of equipment reminds me of our excellent soil that we have in our orchards and planting beds. it is like coffee grounds and the shovel digs down at least a foot with a simple push of your foot. my dad always says, "our soil is so good that i am afraid to leave a rake out in the dirt, because it would probably sprout limbs and start growing..."

tractor tiller

kendra is faithful to provide very beautiful pots all along the back porch. it's my responsibility to provide the water (easy in the rainy season)...not so easy in the dead of summer, so enjoy these pictures while you can.

back porch pots

back porch pots again

i include this final picture, just so you know that life is not a "bowl of cherries." we have our share of weeds out here!