Things theMT Will Never Report...

The Hollywood Writers Strike...could anything be any more inconsequential in life than the writer's strike in television, no self-promoting awards parents keep watching reruns of Dr. Phil and Judge Judy and they seem fine...
Britney's Mental Breakdown...I've got an idea...let's ignore her and see if she stops doing stupid stuff...
How Heath Ledger Died...except for his immediate family, I don't think anyone else needs to know (that includes the two skinny girls from full house).
Anything from Cosmopolitan magazine...I am sick of standing in line at the grocery store and seeing this ridiculous stuff.
Global Warming...I've frozen my butt off all winter. The only warming going on here is when I light a wood-based smoke producing fire in my fire place.
That Pitbulls are good dogs...face it...some breeds are just aggressive and mean...there is a reason we own parakeets as pets and not eagles.

There's probably a ton of other junk that ticks me off, but that's it for now.

Quietly making noise,