Egyptian Museum

"Walk Like An Egyptian"

Today, we travelled from our home in the Central Valley to the Bay Area for a quick visit to the Rosicrucian museum. It was particularly fun for me, because I had not been there since I was a child (annual visits with my grammar school).  Thankfully, things had not changed...there is still the walk-in burial tomb that is built under the floor of the museum (it was as creepy to me as a the flying monkeys from the Wizard of OZ) and a variety of unwrapped mummies (animals and humans).

Mangogirl#1 Studys the Code of Hammurabi

Today it was very cool for us to study and see the large collection of Egyptian artifacts in light of Biblical redemptive history.  From Kendra's diligent history lessons, the Mangokids were able to understand how God chose to weave in the Israelites, and a variety of other cultures (Greeks, Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans, etc...).  Suddenly King Nebuchadnezzar and Ramses leapt off the pages of scripture and became real people anchored in time.

Taweret the Goddess of Fertility

Of course we me some of the lesser known Egyptian "gods" as well.  Kendra kept drifting back to the hippopotamus god of fertility and childbirth.


"The Boy King"


"Flying AirCairo"

And what would a trip to a stuffy museum be without some Fletcher family fun with photos...taken specifically for theMangoTimes.  We had one mangoboy that posed to be an Egyptian king and another showing us how high he can jump when he sees a Nile crocodile..

Quietly making noise,