Ridiculous Candy #10 - Gummy Heart

Thanks to my old fraternity brother and long time reader of theMangoTimes (let's just call him "Chuck"), I am able to show you one more entry in the ridiculous candy category.


Photo Courtesy Chuck Batchelder

There are two clear benefits to this candy.  First, it proclaims to be anatomically accurate and comes with the nifty biological cardboard backing, so you can study both the musculoskeletal system as well as the bronchial airway system while chewing on your candy heart.  Second, as mentioned this candy has a "sweet strawberry flavor" which I find to be advantageous over the smoky beef jerky flavor they could have chosen to use (personally, I think the jerky flavor would have been more accurate).

I have a couple of questions though...taking a peak at this candy, why is it a black heart?  Probably because the patient was a smoker, right? When "Chuck" sent this suggestion to me, it included the following note: "I saw these candies at the local hardware store and couldn’t help but think of you and all the great candy you have blogged about." Which leads me to wonder...what type of hardware store sells anatomically accurate candy hearts?

Quietly making noise,