Byron Wolfe - my favorite photographer


My long time friend and favorite photographer is Byron Wolfe. our relationship started back in college at the now infamous Wine Wizards where we met a variety of characters, wines, and cheeses (each with their own story).  These years knowing byron (and his family) and his photography have been laced with great memories, fun conversations and very deep side splitting laughter.  My house and office contain different prints of his work, but more than anything else, it has been his style and philosophy of photography that has inspired my desire to even try to make pictures and he was the main influence behind my first attempt with "First Look."
Byron and his family now live in northern California where he works as a professor at California State University, Chico in the communications department (by the way, he owns a tweed jacket and i'm working on finding him a pipe). When he is not teaching the youth of California non-verbal communication skills, he is actively applying his trade.

A few examples of Byron's professional work includes:

  • 1. Third View - where he worked as a main photographer and project director (if you are a photographer or homeschooler - this site is a must visit - very cool!)
  • 2. Yosemite In Time - where he teamed with others to provide a photographic and historical look at yosemite park. 
  • 3. And then there is my personal favorite (at the top of the post): Everyday, where he photographically walks the reader through a year in his life (one day at a time).  Some of my favorite all time photographs are contained in this book, but it's his depiction of time annually and seasonally that I find most enjoyable!

And here is the great news...if you live in the Central Valley, you have the opportunity to see things through his lens live and in person at his current show for the next few weeks at the Knowlton Gallery in Lodi, CA. It is worth the visit, if you are able!

Quietly making noise,