valentines card

i decided to not get a stock valentines day card for kendra today. the options are typically cheesy (overly floral and sappy with shakespearean poetry) or they attempt to be witty (9 reasons why you are my v-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e), or they are overtly explicit (gee i love the fact that they are at eye level in the grocery store for my kids to peruse and learn new terminology).
fyi, over the years i try to find holiday cards for kendra that are "from the cat." it's a bit of an inside joke, because it's another attempt to humanize the animals around the house and i am clearly not a cat person. of course, i could also send a virtual card (which i typically find very fun...yet they give the same options as above).
this year i decided to shanghai an idea that i read at ebenim (honesty first...this wasn't my idea...i stole it, because i liked it). i also awoke to read these thoughts and it reminded me that it was a good day for public expression of my love for the proclaimer of peace. so...below you will find a list of items that express memories of my love for my bride. some may make her blush, others may make her smile, and a few might even cause her to laugh loudly. the rest of you can wonder and ask questions, because i am sure there will be plenty on this list to make you go "hmmm?"

chronological memories of love - valentines day 2008
#24 @ togos
hospital visits with stolen plants
fireman's fling at akphi
mexican hot chocolate at the blackwater cafe
playing frisbee in october
bear valley in july
being a wine wizard
nunsense is habit forming
discussing angela's armpits (and the rest of the underwear dinner)
reclinomatic chrysler newyorker
up for one, down for two at 2402 california st.
the last visit to miss pearls
the trailer park, cabo
airport bingo - (this one made me laugh just typing it!)
the breadfruit hot can it be?
meeting hal and dee at glen eyrie
surprising you with a trip to canada
blue poo in santa cruz
badger and heather of devenport, nz (fruit and nut)
sansei sushi in kapalua
all those suckers in minnesota...and why we live here
dancing around a fountain for a frappucino
an assortment of summer: hammocks, pop pop's fuzz buzz, dancing to buffett, swimming, 4th with the kjelds, skinny dipping when the kids are in bed, sleeping with the fan on, slurpees

happy valentines day kenj! i love you!

quietly making noise, fletch the way...we've never been skinny dipping...i just put it there to shake a few of the conservative folks out of their comfort zones...