Blahgs, part Two!

"Move on people...there's nothing to see here!"

Actually, this isn't part two. It's a re-post, because...yes...the original post was just that good.

Actually, it wasn't that good, but I am beginning to think that I should re-run this post every year or so. This is a reminder to the readers, lurkers, visitors, and guests of theMT about why they SHOULD NOT READ what I write.

I have received vague reports that theMangoTimes has been problematic for a few readers (aka..."Hey, did you read what Fletch wrote in theMangoTimes?"). If you are new, there are occasions when theMangoTimes has been mildly edgy (potentially controversial and often self-promotional :) ), especially when it comes to commentary on religion, church or homeschooling.

I highlight these specifically, because whether it is poking fun at goofy lollipop-Christianity, or my occasional comments regarding fundamentalists that treat the grace of God with stifling rigidity...theMT will occasionally smash your sacred cows. When it comes to homeschooling, our family does not homeschool in a box. Sure our kids study classical languages like Latin and Greek, but my boys and girls also play water-polo and listen to the Newsboys. (Yikes! 8-O )

All this to say, don't be shocked when you read something here that doesn't fit with your version of Christianity and try not to flip out when our style of homeschooling doesn't look exactly like you think it should.

"Run Away! Run Away!"

If you read something in theMT that bothers you...I have a few simple ideas...
First, you could stop reading. It might help to walk away from your computer and turn on some tropical music and have a cold drink. You don't need theMT...remember I write this for three people (hat tip to J, B and Kendra)...if you aren't one of them...then feel free to navigate to a place where you will never be offended.
Second, if you decide to stay and read, you have the freedom to ignore what I've written here. Enjoy the pictures, be encouraged by the story of our super-hero baby, listen to some Buffett clips, or follow a link to something that makes you smile.
Third, if your really fired-up..because you don't think Christians should take part in piratey things or you think my position as a dentist/elder/father/homeschooler disqualifies me from suggesting any elixirs, potions, feasts, functions or events, take the time to drop a letter to the editor about what is on your mind.

You know what I would do? I would just keep surfing until I found another blog (something with more ponies and flowers). The only thing you are going to get here is witty banter about how I was raised in the 1970's by my crazy conservative Episcopalian parents or my personal thoughts on candy, homeschooling, birth control, good food, good drinks, theology, or my best friend eric (who continues to be nothing but a pain in my side with his ridiculous thoughtfulness)... So, unless you agree with me that roadside memorials should be banned, you will not find anything worth your time or effort!

For those still reading...if you insist that you want to stay and read theMT, let me clarify a few things that will help prevent you from having a theological/philosophical wedgie:

1. We here at theMT headquarters are orthodox in our theology.
2. We are grace focused.
3. We are also covenantal in our view of scripture and history.
4. We are Reformed in our understanding of God's relationship with man.
5. We believe home-schooling is the best choice for education!
5. We don't know how to count (there should be a delayed chuckle here...) all of our nifty descriptions above, we still like to have a good time...Can you dig it? This is a mellow area on the web, where you are supposed to relax and enjoy the day! Can you dig it?

We haven't forgotten to enjoy the Lord and all of His creation. Let me give you an example..we teach modesty, we sing the Psalms and great hymns of the faith, and we encourage sobriety in life, but every once in a while don't be shocked to show up at our house and find us dancing in our bathing suits on the back porch while Jimmy sings about the tropics and the blender spins up some frozen boat drinks.

If you are still here at this point...enjoy yourself, drop me a comment, and share the love!

"That my joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full!"

Quietly, quietly, quietly making noise!