Vote for Change!

Well, not really...I'm not going to change a darn thing around here.
But, I just found out that I was nominated again for the 2008 Homeschool Blog Awards. So, if you go vote, realize that you are NOT voting for change. You are voting for the same old ridiculous stuff that you have come to love in theMangoTimes.

If you remember, last year Kendra and I took dual honors as the 2007 Homeschool Dad/Mom Blog winners... It even included a smashing mid-summer interview with yours truly. By the way, Kendra is nominated too, but this time Preschoolers and Peace has been nominated for a new category called The Best Nitty Gritty Homeschool Blog - Drop her a vote too!

Thanks for the nomination again this year. It's an honor to think someone beyond my family even likes what we report about here in theMangoTimes!

Quietly Making Noise,