Kéan Coffee, Part 2

Last week, I stopped in my local coffee shop. There are new owners and they are in the middle of several small changes. One thing they were hoping to change was the actual coffee beans they brewed for their "daily coffee." Since I was a regular complainer of the very strong coffee they served, I was asked what I liked. So, I offered them my comments about good coffee, great flavor and the importance of roasting...blah blah blah...while all along taking swipes at the impersonal coffee giants and touting the benefits of local coffee shops! In passing, I mentioned that Kean roasted a yummy bean that I regularly purchased.

Guess what? This morning on my way to work, I swung by for a cup of joe and was pleased to be greeted by this nifty little sign:

I didn't think they were going to actually listen...but listen they did! They not only served Kéan Coffee, but it was freshly roasted and brewed Huehuetenango! I was so jazzed that I almost took the day off and reported live...but then I realized people might not like my recommendation, so I decided to blend into the background.
So, do me a favor, if you are in the area...stop by the Hughson Coffee Company in beautiful downtown Hughson, CA and tell Jacob or Zac that I said hi!

Quietly Making Noise,