Kéan Coffee - favorite of theMT! Available online!

We here at theMangoTimes love the finer things in life. Good food, good wine, and pretty wives! Over the years, one of our favorite treats in life has been good coffee...and I mean good coffee (not like the dark roasted swill they produce in Seattle), so as promised I thought I'd tell you about Kéan Coffee.

My coffee snobbery started back in college, when Byron and I worked at Wine Wizards and I fell in love with the mild earthy flavor of Guatemala roast coffee beans. I've never been a fan of French/Espresso roast and the Colombian can be a bit too mellow, but Guatemalan was a perfect combination of flavors for me.

Flash forward five years...Del Mar, California...Kendra and I stumble into a Diedrich's coffee shop by accident. I had been looking for the perfect bean and here it was. Coffee roaster Martin Diedrich had roasted some Huehuetenango (pronounced Way-Way-Tah-Nango) which is a tasty flavorful bean. Over the next ten years, all of our SoCal trips included a drop by Diedrich's to pick up 10lbs of HueHue (again...pronounced WayWay).

Flash forward again...I found out that Diedrich's had been sold and I could rarely find HueHue when I drove through Orange County. These are what we refer to as the dark years of theMangoTimes, rarely would I stay up late to write entries or blog posts...creativity almost came to a halt. It just was not the same to blog without good coffee around...

Flash forward one more time...(this is the last time we'll flash forward)...and I'm sitting in a hotel near Disneyland reading about Kéan Coffee. Turns out, Martin Diedrich is back to his old roasting gig...only this time he's doing it back in the small coffeehouse environment near Newport Beach, CA. I was stoked to find my coffee again, so I emailed to see if they were still roasting HueHue. Almost immediately, I got a personal response from his wife, Karen, telling me that the beans would be available soon, so she put me on the mailing list.

It didn't take long until my first bag of beans arrived. The aroma of the first pot followed by the first sip reminded me why I am a coffee snob!

"Martin Knows His Beans!"
"Kean Coffee's Huehuetenango (and my cool FBI mug!)"

Let me tell you. Flat out. This is my favorite roast of coffee on the planet. I was hoping to take some personal pictures of the shop, but our trip down south did not materialize. So, in lieu of a pictures, let me tell you about the fantastic customer service I received.

A few months ago, I emailed Kéan Coffee at 8:56PM with a question about availibility. At 9:04PM (yes, eight minutes later), I had a response from Karen Diedrich that said this:

"...the Huehue roasting got delayed a bit because we have been waiting for the labels from the printing company. It should be roasting soon... I'll send you an email when it is. Karen"

Then (as promised) the next morning, I got this follow-up email:

"I spoke with Martin, he will be roasting the Huehuetenango this weekend! There were some delays in getting set up... we apologize. The ordering button for the Huehue will go live on the website tomorrow morning so you will be able to place an internet order then, and the coffee will roast on Saturday. You can also call me and I can take your order over the phone. Thanks for your patience! - Karen

If you ask me, that's pretty darn good customer service, but it got even better...after ordering 10lbs, she wrote back:

"I notice you ordered 10lbs, would you prefer to have us split your order and send you 2lbs every few weeks so your coffee is always freshly roasted? Let me know, Karen"

I'm hooked. I even have my dad dialed in, so I get great coffee at either house. Great beans, great customer service...we love Kéan Coffee.

I've told you about a bunch of stuff on theMT, but this is up there with the FuzzBuzz and BeerButt chicken. If you like coffee and you are looking for that perfect cup. One that is mild and flavorful without tasting like burnt black coffee beans or cheap Seattle swill. Check out Huehuetenango from Kéan Coffee. If they are roasting, I would definitely recommend a bag (or two or three) and tell them that theMangoTimes sent you. But don't expect special treatment because we sent you...it's apparent that they give everyone special treatment!

Note: Yes, this is an excellent Christmas gift for your favorite blogging dentist...

Quietly Making Noise,