A Friend to Children

Earlier today, our good friend Eric Davis passed away. Like two bookends, the past twenty-four hours have contained the joy of new birth and the tremendous sorrow of Eric's death. Several close friends have posted blog entries about Eric and Heather across the web and I would encourage you to read them:
The Lazy D Ranch - the Davis family blog
As well as: Sven, Rebecca, Yvette, Pastor James McDonald, and Kendra.
Since Eric was an early reader of theMangoTimes, I also wanted to post a few thoughts about him before the day draws to a close. This evening, I helped a young man from church collect a variety of photos of Eric for a memorial slideshow, but this one below kept surfacing as one of my absolute favorites.


Eric Davis, 2003

As you can read on the other blogs, Eric touched many lives...it made no difference if you were a friend or stranger...he had time for you. The guy reeked of hospitality. In sharing memories with my kids tonight, one thing was made clear...like Christ, Eric was a friend to children. Whether he was giving young parents a break from their crying baby or providing comfort to a random toddler, there was always a place for children in Eric's arms or on his lap. I must have a dozen pictures of Eric holding children, but this was my favorite...this is one of the Mangogirls sitting on Eric's lap in the midst of worship in his home. Eric didn't know I took this picture and I like it because it shows him in his element : with a houseful of people and a child on his lap!

Thanks for the example my friend. You will be missed, but your legacy is already being established.

Quietly making noise,