The Danish Town of Solvang, Part Two

Part One of our visit to Solvang is posted here. But that is not why the Mangokids came here. No...they had only one thing on their mind...Candy! So, we made the obligatory stop in the "Danish Candy Shoppe" where I was able to snap a few pictures of even more ridiculous candy.

Look at this place! It's a diabetics nightmare!

I want to start with a picture of this place. It was huge. Barrels and barrels of every candy ever created!

No free samples?

How do you know what kind of candy you want to buy if you don't get to taste it first? I was very disappointed to find out they maintained such a dumb rule as this!

Not only was this a mongomba (my made up word for "enormous") candy shop, but there were several examples of ridiculous candy to add to my list of already mentioned ridiculous candy. I found three beauties, that i've included below...


Well, this first one is not really "ridiculous" like the others..., but if my best friend eric happens to be reading this entry, this is one of the answers you missed on my quiz - I don't like mangos (especially dipped in chocolate)! Give me a papaya, a kiwi, pineapple, coconut, passionfruit...but keep the mangos for yourself..


The Candy Toothbrush

Oh...this one is just brilliant. What's next? The dandruff filled hair brush? I also like how they call it "the original" candy if they need this description to keep you from buying the multiple copycat candy toothbrushes out there on the market! Note squeeze this candy out like toothpaste and then you brush it on your teeth...brilliant...absolutely brilliant! And here I am trying to promote fluoride

The Candy Watch

I think it's time to go to the dentist and have my cavities can tell this is the same candy they put on the candy necklace, so it's going to taste like those chalky children's vitamins. Blech! Hey kids! "watch" me put this candy back in the box, because it is so gross!

Quietly making noise,