My Best Friend Eric - A Top Ten

I am starting a new category called "My Best Friend Eric." For the past several months, I have been warning him that he was going to be a recurring theme on my blog...kind of like Oprah's friend Gayle. Why you ask? Well, I want everyone to get to know him better and dedicating an entire category to him might just be the way for him to get the attention he, here we are...

My Top Ten Reasons Why "My Best Friend Eric" needs to have his own category


10. I have plenty of stories to write the time he dressed up like the Greek god Zeus or the time I temporarily tattooed him in college!
9. As far as men go...he is one of the best smelling
8. Whenever we travel, he makes all the arrangements...
7. He runs a very cool non-profit business that actually helps people in need!
6. His blog really sucks and I think this may challenge him to actually write some of his good ideas down for all of us to benefit from...
5. He named his sixth son after me (well actually it was just his middle name...but that's close enough for me).
4. He let me be in his wedding - note two things in the photo below: we are both very skinny and we both had hair!
3. I'm listed in his advanced medical directive as the guy who determines whether or not to "pull his plug" so I want you all to get to know him. That way, if I need to make the decision, I can potentially offer an "online poll" and all of you can help me "make the decision."
2. Most of you know this already, but he is a very snappy dresser!

And the number one reason why my best friend Eric deserves his own category: He's my best friend! (and just saying that will make certain people cringe).

Quietly making noise,