theMangoTimes on vacation

aqua1.jpgI am posting from my annual family vacation. This year we are on California's central coast. It started at the Fresno zoo, a visit to Kendra's parents, and a great dinner with her childhood friend (complete with Armenian food and a night of sword fighting...hmmm). As you can tell from the photo above, we began our "road trip" at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (notice the three mangokids in the "wave simulator."). aqua2.jpgIf you haven't been to the aquarium, it's a one of a kind! If you look closely in the photo on the right, you can see Mangogirl #2 through the tank. Those are silver anchovies swimming around and around...probably looking for a pizza to sleep on.
We moved down the coast and eventually landed at Pismo Beach where we have stayed for the past four days. Our hotel has been covered in fog and drizzle since we got here, which is a great break from the 100+ temperatures we've had in the valley for the past few weeks. But what is California without a sunny beach? So we threw some "Beach Boys" on the iPod and went in search of sun...we found Avila Beach.

During our adventures, we found several things that washed up on shore. here are the photos:

Sand dollar - traded into dad for paper dollars!

Some kind of ray...reminded us of last year's vacation tragedy

...a stranded sea turtle...

...a beautiful mermaid...

...a human head...

...some young punk flexing his muscles for the ladies...

themtbeach1.jpgI hope you are all having a great week...this edition of theMangoTimes is wrapped...
I will post later today on our jaunt to the Danish town of Solvang and a brief discussion of even more ridiculous candy!

Quietly making noise (from a Starbucks in Pismo Beach, California!)