We have a winner!

Congratulations to miss dani as the winner of the "Who knows Fletch?" contest I sponsored last week. She actually tied with Sandi, but I'm giving her the prize as the "first" to know Fletch best. Since I actually see this young lady on a weekly basis, she will have her big, big prize hand delivered at church. Thank you to everyone who participated in the quiz...but, I must say, that I am a bit dismayed.
Apparently I need to speak more clearly when I hang out with my best friends, because they are missing the little clues I've been dropping. You all know my best friend? In order to preserve his anonymity and just for the sake of this post, let's call him: Eric. You may have seen him before, but if not...here's a picture to remind you of what he looks like. Anyhow, I've known the guy since August of 1986 when I met him in the big freshman dorm at the University of the Pacific. Over the years, we've spent countless hours, travelled the United States, camped, studied, laughed, cried, blah, blah, blah...and all for what? He only knows me 1/2 of the time? He can, however, rely upon his wife...who apparently knows me a little better then he does...
As for dani...she is the proud owner of a brand new six pack of CocaCola (yes, they will be in a bottle and they will be "hecho en mexico").
Quietly making noise,