Answers to the Quiz

I was reminded several times that I failed to give the actual answers to the "Who knows Fletch" quiz. Here you go...take notes...

1. Fletch was born in: Baltimore, MD (we moved to CA when i was 9months old).
2. His favorite drink: Coke in a bottle (BTW, Kendra doesn't make lemonade...and although I like coronas with limes...Coke wins).
3. In High School Fletch wanted to be: Judge (the key to this: "in high school" - every other time I was asked, I wanted to be a dentist).
4. He met Kendra at: Campus Crusade meeting (it was a rootbeer kegger...).
5. His first car was: 1967 Mustang (courtesy of my big brother and SIL, and it was very cool).
6. Give him a day alone and he would: Go Fishing (on a stream, in the Sierra Nevada mountains).
7. His creative outlet: Photography (I'm working on it...).
8. His major in college: English (not grammar).
9. He has NOT been to: Egypt (NZ with Kenj, israel at college graduation, and a brief stop in an Italian train station).
10. Favorite ethnic food: Indian (actually Caribbean food, the west indies, spicy...flavorful...yum).
11. Favorite television character: Columbo (have you ever watched an episode? he's the absolute best!).
12. Not found on his IPod: Amy Grant (yes...I have the Grateful Dead...relax).
13. Favorite breakfast: Cornbeef Hash and Eggs (I base my recommendation of a restaurant on this dish alone).
14. Favorite movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark (adventure...jungle...khaki pants...leather jacket...very cool).
15. Biggest fear: Heights (I don't like spiders or snakes either...but heights freak me out).
16. Alternate career: Landscaper (outside work...sunshine...working with plants, what could get better than this?).
17. What attracted me to Kendra: Her long brown hair (and she was a good kisser...).
18. Introduce me as: Fletch (my friends call me Fletch...I don't love formality).
19. Favorite season: Fall (I love the smell of bonfires, bowls of pumpkin soup and piles of leaves...).
20. False statement: Fletch loves to eat mangos (hate 'em...always have...).

Quietly making noise,