On my iPod - Artists Beginning With "K"

I didn't realize how much I liked the "K" section of my iPod...here they are:

Klaus Badelt - "Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack" - Mangoboy number one is 14 years old and is addicted to movie soundtracks. So I have let him download a few that end up on my computer.

Keb Mo - "God Trying to Get Your Attention" - you may have only heard of Keb Mo from Sesame Street or his support of liberal politicians (so does Jimmy Buffett), but that doesn't hide the fact that he plays great "hammock music" for me and the mangogirls when we swing together on a lazy afternoon.

Kermit the Frog - "Movin Right Along" - from the 25th anniversary edition of muppet music. What's not to like about muppets? By the way, do you have a favorite muppet?

The Kinks - "Come Dancing" - great song and a great reminder riskybusiness1.jpg of the 1980s. I feel like putting on some sperry topsiders and a button down polo shirt so I can go to a school dance.

Kiri Te Kanawa - "O Mio Babino Caro" - everytime I hear this song, I think about our first few dates. We watched "A Room With A View" which is just a beautiful film, based on an e.m. forster novel of the same name. Kiri also happens to be my favorite Maori opera star (as if there are any more...).

Kendra Fletcher - "Fly" - clearly my favorite artist listed under "K." She recorded this song for me two years ago with Heather at the piano. I'll try and put it up on the podcast, once i figure out how to do it...

Quietly making noise,