Independence Day Traditions


"The 2007 cake"

For the last half dozen years, we have maintained the tradition of getting together with my best friend (he has a blog, but I refuse to link to it anymore, because he doesn't update it I keep linking to this funny picture of him) and his family to celebrate the Fourth of July.  We do the same thing most people do:


We eat watermelon


"Up, up and away!"


"To infinity...and beyond!"


"Waiting for the water balloon to arrive"


"Houston...we have a problem..."


My best friend setting up the fireworks

Then of course we have a tradition that is somewhat unique to our that has kids preparing for weeks prior to the event, with much off-season training/strategizing/and discussion...of course I am speaking of...

"The Annual 4th of July Obstacle Course"

...  This is a unique land, sea and air event that includes every kid trying to achieve the best time.  It includes the following items, all important to be qualified for the race:


Running around the house!


Doing a goofy jump


Climbing the waterslide


the 2007 champion Crossing the finish line

This year was an even better year, because two sets of grandparents were included and participated in the day (well...not the obstacle course...but the hanging out and eating the food part).

Actually it was yet another of those multigenerational opportunities we have around here for kids to live life in the shadow of their grandparents.  The little ones build constant memories of whole family events while at the same time treating their grandparents to smiles and laughs.


Grandfathers 2007

Quietly making noise,