On my iPod - Artists Beginning With "S"

Styx - "Renegade" - how many songs do you recall that actually use the line "the jig is up?"  When I played sports in high school, this song is one of my all-time favorite "get pumped up" songs.  Sadly...I have nothing to get "pumped up for" anymore...

Sting - "Love is the Seventh Wave" - I loved the police when I was growing up...and Sting was one of the few performers that got even better when he went solo.  Besides that...I dig the name...Sting...how very cool to have one name (like Cher and Bono).

Steve Martin - "Dentist" - from the musical, Little Shop of Horrors.  One of my favorite dentist "clips" from a movie..."there he is boys...the leader of the plaque."

Steve Camp - "Abandoned to God" - one of my favorite Christian albums of all time.  He is anti-music establishment, plays small venues, and writes great music!

Sergio Mendes - "The Fool on the Hill" - more cheesy sixties music!

Quietly making noise,