Man...That's a Lot of Kids!


The Saturday Morning Crew

On Saturday, the ladies from our church hosted a "Homeschool Mom Encouragement Day."  It was complete with fun discussions/seminars about homeschooling, a curriculum swap, a great catered lunch, free lattes at mid-morning, and just a bunch of good fellowship with other moms.  The intent of the day was to encourage newer homeschooling moms by having seasoned moms share their joys, trials, struggles and successes (without having to feed kids/husbands for the day). 

My best friend Eric (

I've mentioned him before

) and I helped our wives to get the church set-up and ready for the event with the famous "conquer and divide" technique.  Early Saturday morning he drove over with the big boys to get tables up and sound/lights turned on, while I stayed home with the younger kids to feed them breakfast and watch reruns of Columbo.

Do the math with me here...we have 14 children between us...he took the top two boys...that left 12 (but the baby goes everywhere with mom, so that actually left 11) between the ages of twelve and one.  The photo at the top are all of them waiting to eat breakfast...and the photo at the bottom is how I chose to feed the hungry mob.

Had you told me sixteen years ago that I would be feeding breakfast on a Saturday morning to nearly a dozen kids, I probably would have laughed (or ran away...).  I also understand that caring and feeding for a herd of kids is not the highlight for most men's Saturday morning...but in and amongst the donut swapping, juice spilling and funny discussions around our kitchen table, I clearly recognized God's calling on my life.


Nothing fancy - donuts, fruit, Sunny D

P.s.  Ek and Smidge...please watch what you eat and continue to take care of yourselves...I am not ready to do this every Saturday yet...

Quietly making noise,