This past weekend Kendra and I celebrated sixteen years of marriage.  We went to a very secluded bed and breakfast hotel at a small town in northern California that sits in the shadow of Mt. Shasta (yes, the entire time I was there I wanted to guzzle down

an ice cold cream soda...

).  Anyhow, the majority of our fellow guests this weekend were way past counting their anniversaries and their conversations/debates were priceless: "Tivo vs. On-demand Cable", "Motorhomes vs. Time-shares" and "Branson, MO vs. Sun City, AZ."  We started chuckling that we were the


on the block.  This morning, however, we did notice a young couple celebrating what appeared to be the start of their married life together.  So, it was natural for our conversation to drift as we reflected on our own marriage and the way God managed to take two very young selfish kids and transform them into what we are today (older, not so selfish, and definitely not kids...).

Now...enough reminiscing...onto my topic for the evening.  Our suspicions about the status of this young couple were confirmed when we noticed their "getaway car" had been decked out with the typical "Just Married" comments.  You can see one in the photo below:


The Newlyweds Car

How pleased we were to find out that they were obviously a young Christian couple beginning their new life together.  It wasn't until we backed up and saw the entire car that we laughed even louder.  I mean, we were cool with the whole "Christ is Alive"'s the next window that threw us for a if being "married" wasn't enough...and what good will "honking!" do?


"AND married"

Quietly making noise,