Editor, theMangoTimes


Editor-in-chief, July 2007

Here I am sitting at the international headquarters for theMangoTimes (note: in the background of this photo you will see my young apprentice learning the ropes of journalistic excellence...).  You see, running a publication like theMangoTimes requires more than advanced communication skills...as I have mentioned it requires the unique ability to slow down, step back and look at the world from a different angle. 

In order to do this, I recommend you give the following techniques a try: 


, stay up late (no writing for theMangoTimes takes place during sunlight hours). 


, drink a lot of hot black tea with sugar (cappucinos and black coffee are a close second). 


, eat

ridiculous candy

(although not ridiculous, theMT editorial desk is usually littered with red licorice (preferably "red vines"), Hot Tamales or any of the individual members of the M&M's family.


, eat plenty of ice cream (however, with this recommendation, I recommend working alone - as pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream

have been known to disappear



, recruit others to massage your shoulders and back.  I recommend using someone like this:


Masseuse in training...

By the way, the editor is celebrating sixteen years of marriage this weekend, so look forward to a summer family update complete with a kid by kid analysis...

Quietly making noise,