Beer-Butt Chicken

Last night I was helping our friends get ready for their

carnival for charity

.  Anyhow, I took the first two Mangoboys and travelled down to Riverbend Ranch where we met up with some other friends from church.

Since it was dinner time, they invited me to have a delicious BBQ chicken sandwich, but I politely declined and mentioned that I had

"Beer-Butt Chicken"

waiting for us on the smoker at home.  I was very surprised when I found out these folks had never heard of the famous Beer-Butt Chicken.  I was shocked, because these are fairly hip people(

or at least they are known to hang out with hip beautiful people

).  So, I went into detail explaining why I would choose to skip their chicken for my own at home...I described the spices - paprika, thyme, garlic powder, and cayenne peppers.  I explained that these spices are rubbed on and under the skin of the chicken.  I mentioned the lathering of butter in and outside the chicken.  But, the reality is this, it is none of those yummy's all about the beer. 

Here's the deal take 1 beer per chicken.  Crack it open and empty 1/2 the beer (you choose how you want to empty the beer - I choose the chug/guzzle approach).  Then you need to put butter in and around the opening of the beer (key feature needed in a later step) and add 1 bay leaf into the can.  At this point you are ready for insertion.

Hey is called Beer-Butt chicken for a reason.  You take the can and slowly and carefully insert it into the lower cavity of the chicken (note: this is the reason for buttering the can).  If you have done this correctly, it looks like a chicken with a beer can sticking out of it's butt (see pictures below). 

Based on the size, our family needs at least two chickens, but even if you don't...I recommend cooking two chickens. 


, it allows you one full beer for consumption in the process. 


, it is really good chicken and you can alter the second recipe to provide variation (garlic/butter or curry spice or whatever). 

But the main reason

I like to cook two, is because of what it looks like on the grill.  Instead of having a grill full of wings or thighs, you have actual chickens...sitting up, knees bent, wings resting at their side...looking like they are having a conversation...only they have a beer can stuck up their butt.  It's a beautiful me if you want the actual recipe...


Quietly Making Noise,