Go on...You can do it...It's easy


The other day, a friend wrote about a dinner party they held this weekend for two families with seven kids each (and a few sets of grandparents).  It took a long time to get it on the calendar and when we finally got together the entire bash was 22 guests (excluding the four in her family) that she and her husband provided for.  This event was complete with BBQ, drinks, killer salsa and dessert.


Here's the point...as she wrote in her blog, they don't have a huge place and they are the parents of two little girls themselves, but that did not keep them from hosting a great time at their house with a ton of busy little people...and I know...my family was nine of them.  But, too often people are unwilling to show hospitality to anyone...let alone two families with fourteen kids between the ages of 3mos and 14. 

We had a great time.  The Howards were welcoming hosts and made it a very comfortable evening.  The food and drinks were ready when we got there and we sat down to the meal almost immediately. 


So many people think they lack the means or ability to show hospitality.  Somehow we've communicated in our society that this requires the perfect house or the perfect cook, but  we need to realize that it takes neither of those and it just takes a little effort! (Thank you Howards for great food and fellowship!).

Quietly making noise,