Fletch Needs...

I saw this fun thing on a blog this morning. It goes like this - I googled "fletch needs" and then tried to determine if the list that was produced was true or not... here's what Google says:
1. Fletch needs help : Without a doubt...this one is true. There is no way to provide for a fun family of nine, live nextdoor to two wackyfun parents, care for dogs/cats/chickens, run a successful dental practice, help pastor a church, keep up on reading/writing/blogging, and the list goes on...without help. Yes! Fletch needs help!
2. Fletch needs your votes: Well, i'm not running for anything...I did need your votes a few weeks ago for "Best Homeschool-dad Blog" but we will wait until next year to try that again.
3. Fletch needs an introduction to some quality 80's music - Wrong! I am a true child of the 80's. I graduated from Jr. High in '82, High School in '86, and college in '90. I've had my fill of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Flock of Seagulls, and glam rock. If there is anything I do not need...it's more music from the '80s.
4. Fletch needs flat Coke : No, no, no...what Fletch needs is ice cold "Coke in a bottle" that is hecho en mexico.
5. Fletch needs his sleep : Nailed this one on the head! If you know me and if you have spent anytime with me past 7pm, you know this is true...I need sleep...and a lot more of it.

Quietly making noise,