Have You Laughed At Yourself Lately?

Every once in a while (or sometimes daily), I do something that makes me laugh out loud.  Like the time I flipped on the lights to walk into our closet one night.  Here's the deal...it was pitch black in our room and the closet door was a large mirror.  So, the light came on in the closet, and it was just enough to show my own reflection in the mirrored door.  All i saw was some big ugly guy reaching up at me (again, just my reflection as I was reaching for the door), and for some reason I wasn't expecting to see myself.  Well, it scared the monkey-poo right out of me and I screamed like a little sissy and woke Kendra up in the process.  Even now as I think about it, it makes me chuckle.  What a dope.

I was going through some pictures on


computer this weekend and I found something else about myself that makes me laugh.  Check out the photo below taken of me and my best friend, Eric.  Now, I'm not commenting at all about him (although I think if that shirt ever touches the ground, he is supposed to burn it) and I don't need anyone leaving comments and saying that I'm ripping on my best friend.  This guy is one of the few people in life that I truly love.  It's just that this picture is so "not like us."  When do I ever wear overalls and a fire red tee shirt?  And since when do I hang out with my "star spangled buddy?"  Of course we had a reason at the time...but even with a reason...I still laugh whenever I see this picture.


O Say Can You See Us?