On my iPod - Artists beginning with "A"

Hey...i finally splurged and bought a new iPod.  My best friend Eric bought me a nano a few years ago (nice friend huh?).  Well, last night in Costco I decided to get the full size iPod, so I could have all my music...all the time...  Here are the samplings from the "A" artists...

Astrud Gilberto
(with Joao Gilberto and Stan Getz) - "The Girl from Ipanema" - I can remember listening to this song regularly when I worked at Wine Wizards in Stockton with Byron.  Great memories of good wine, great bread and a ton of fun in the first year of marriage.
Al Jolson - "The Spaniard that Blighted my Life" - old 30's/40's comedy cd i own.  really funny duo song with bing crosby.
Apologetix - "Baa! We're lambs" - this group is the Weird Al Yankovic of Christian music.  This song is a parody of the Beach Boy's "Barbara Ann."  If you want a good giggle, go to their site for free downloads.  These guys are pretty good.
Alan Jackson - "It's Five o'clock Somewhere" - great tune...and often played on the back porch!

Quietly making noise,