Wait Until They Are...


How many times have I been in this situation? I'm typically with one of my very little kids and some super bright individual says: "Oh, sure they are great now...just wait until they are in high school...(or teenagers...)...that's when they will really challenge you!"

Up until now, I always had a canned answer that said: "Actually, I am looking forward to their teenage years...we expect those years to be the best!"

Well, guess what? We've finally arrived. And it is great!

Not only do I have a teenager (a nearly high schooler), but I also have one in junior high, three in grade school, one in preschool and a newborn. According to the critics, we've got the entire lineup of "problem children," everything from the screaming newborn, the terrible twos, preschool brats, elementary school challenges, junior high angst, and the dreaded high school attitude. So, I am ready for every "potential" threat that the critics can toss at me (aka, "Oh...just wait till the baby hits the "terrible twos" or "wait until your boys get big enough to destroy the house...").

We've arrived and there is only one problem, and that is that there is "no problem." These are some of the best times we have ever had. We have fantastic relationships with each of our kids, especially the oldest ones, because we finally have kids that can reason, joke, communicate well and have a lot of fun along the way. We laugh together, play together, work together and the times are truly rich!

Quietly making noise,


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