What is going on?

It has just come to my attention that theMangoTimes has dropped to 2nd place in the "Best Homeschool Dad blog" contest. What's the story people? Since when is "just getting by" good enough for theMangoTimes (okay...bad question...because typically "just getting by" is actually all we ever shoot for here at theMT).
Obviously, what I need at this point are mercy votes...no pride here...allow me to appeal to your emotions. Take a gander at these cuties:


Three-legged race, 2007

Remember you are not just voting for me...you are voting for the children behind theMangoTimes...the source of many funny stories and ideas...for example, did you know that my boys have put together a little dance in support of my nomination!
There you have it...now go cast your vote...and tell others to do the same... Remember, it's a vote for the children!
And in the meantime...enjoy a little Jimmy Buffett here:
Quietly making noise,