Fletcher Baby 8 Identified...


Excited Mommy, 2007

So we went to "Womb With a View" to get a picture of what baby 8 looks like, but mostly because we wanted to find out if baby 8 is going to be a boy or a girl. We're typically not into this type of thing, but since we had such an early sonogram with our midwife's office, the less than helpful sonographer was unablewilling to go through the motions for us.


Auntie Lisa and Grammy Cookie, 2007

here's the cool thing. We took everyone...and I mean everyone... we had all the kids, Grammy Adele, Grammy Cookie and Auntie Lisa...plus the sonographer in this very large family-friendly exam room. They have five huge monitors around the room so everyone could see what's going on. They have an area for the kids to play, a comfortable bed, and enough chairs/benches lining the room for everyone to comfortably sit and watch.
The sonographer is an ex-homeschooling mom (kids have graduated) and she was cool with the whole "this is our eighth conversation" (especially since she had also taken pictures of Eric and Lisa's eighth a few months ago - we are waiting for Baby Grace to make her arrival!).
It took some time...but Baby 8 finally made the move and gave us a good picture...
What do you think we are having...a boy or a girl? I've tried to make this fun for you, so before you click the links below...give it a guess:

If you think the next mango kid is a boy
click here!
If you think the next mango kid is a girl
click here!

Quietly making noise,