Bubblewrap, 2007

theMangoTimes is pleased to report that Christmas was a huge success at the Fletcher house. As you can see with the above photo of our newly appointed four year old, we've again learned the eternal lesson that the contents of the box is not always as exciting as what was used to protect the contents of the box.

The Fletchers: Youngest and Oldest, 2007

For his first Christmas..."Numero Siete" found a comfy spot to enjoy the festivities. From his perch on his Pop-Pop's lap, he was able to scan the floor for uneaten Christmas paper and bows and then gently sneak down like a cat to devour any unsupervised decorations. Speaking of eating...our little guy was spotted eating pine needles from the carpet that had dropped from Eric's Christmas tree...the evidence reappeared today...and for your information...pine needles do not digest.

Christmas socks, 2007

Instead of tearing through packages, we had the kids begin with just opening their Christmas stockings (or as my dad referred to them multiple times..."the christmas socks") and enjoyed most of the day visiting with family before opening the rest of the gifts. It was a peaceful end to the Advent celebration.
I'm sorry I don't have photos of our glorious meal, but we finished the day with 20 pounds of fresh crab, which has been a tradition for theMangoTimes for many years. I still have a lingering sense of that dinner...
Quietly making noise,