More Voting...

Yes...I know the homeschool blog awards close this week...and yes...I realize that theMangoTimes has maintained a solid 2nd place, and I realize that here at theMT we live by the motto: "where gettin' by is good enough..." But did I mention that I have been bit by the contest bug for another contest this week?

I submitted five photographs to a contest in our local newspaper. submissions were supposed to depict California I filtered through my files and settled on 5 Napa Valley photographs I shot this year. If the editors of the newspaper choose one of them, they will be submitted to the paper and the readers will be able to choose. Considering it's a long shot, I thought I'd run my official opinion poll here with my favorite readers. They are linked below (sorry for the size, cropping and shrinking loses quality), so in no particular order, which one do you like best?

Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
*hoto #4
Photo #5

And while you are in a voting over and drop a vote for theMangoTimes.

Quietly making noise,