Mr. Thoughtful

Just so you know, there are some times when my best friend Eric can be irritating. For the most part, it is when he is being thoughtful. Let me give you some examples: Ah yes there are the multiple times that he shows up at our house with a chai latte for my wife (yes...Mr. Thoughtful has her Starbucks order memorized), or the time he secretly bumped our wives up to first-class with his frequent flier miles, or last week when he showed up at my office with chocolate cupcakes for my staff, or when he called my mother to wish her happy birthday before me. best friend is regularly doing thoughtful things that make me look like Archie Bunker.So, check this out...his wife is having a challenging pregnancy and she has been put on bed-rest for the next few weeks (potentially the remaining course of this pregnancy). Do you want to know what he did? He contacted the phone company so he could have all the calls to their home phone transferred to his cell phone. He did this so that he could give his wife more rest during the day...okay...what's with that? That's beyond thoughtful...he is now inventing ways to be thoughtful...Seriously...I am beginning to feel like "Jan" on The Brady Bunch living in the shadow of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. He is probably even doing something right now while I'm typing this entry... He's probably booking a spa weekend for our wives so they can plan next year's homeschool curriculum or better yet he's probably contacting the writers of the curriculum to ask if he can purchase custom curriculum for my wife, or he's learning how to make chai lattes or arranging massages for my staff or curing cancer or I said...he can get to me...

Quietly making noise,
p.s. I wouldn't change anything about him. The world is a better place because he is here!