On my iPod - Artists beginning with "N"

I must admit that I am using the ipod mostly for podcasts lately (it will be a separate post soon), but when I thumb myself through the "n" section of music this is what i find :

Nat King Cole - Orange Colored Sky - flash! bam! alakazam! This is a hip little song with strong horns and some funky big band background vocals!

sweet.jpgNeil Diamond - "Sweet Caroline" - for obvious reasons, mangogirl#2 loves to hear this song played loudly (with dancing if at all possible!).

Newsboys - "In Christ Alone" - not a huge fan of the Newsboys, but mangoboy #2 is a huge fan. I even took him to Spirit West Coast this year to hear the Newsboys and I got hit with Capn' Crunch.

Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - definitely not a fan of Nirvana or Cobain, but this song definitely helps me run the extra lap. and it is clearly not a song that I put on for Kendra to listen to...

Norah Jones - "Don't Know Why" - great for soundtracks and iMovies...