Weekend at Grammy's

After spending the weekend with Kendra's mom, our three year old mangogirl returned home today. The afternoon was complete with excited brothers and sisters wanting to hear all about her first big "alone" adventure at Grammy and Gramp's house. She responded by showing a few new articles of clothing and some toys that magically made their way home in her suitcase. She also recalled several of the wonderful activities she enjoyed with her grandmother.



As we wrapped up dinner, we noticed that the excitement of the trip had finally caught up with our sweet little girl. In the midst of our typical multi-conversation dinner, you may notice that this normally chatty three year old quietly decided to take a little cat nap.
People ask me all the time about having seven kids and they wonder if we live in constant chaos...the truth is that our home is pretty peaceful, but even when it's not...it doesn't matter. Sometimes, like this little girl, you make the best of the situation you are in!


Quietly making noise (shhh! she's sleeping!),