Ridiculous Candy #6 - Toilet Candy


Photo Courtesy Pomaleedon

I suppose it is time to add a category for guest submissions, because this ridiculous candy was found by Pamela and company. Not much really needs to be said about this candy, except for the obvious: a candy plunger is used to scoop the sugar crystals from inside the toilet. Hmmm...I think I taste a little throw-up in my mouth... It's one thing if you want to turn necklaces into candy or even a candy toothbrush, but toilet contents? I'm not sure I need another area of my life to remember/forget to put the seat down.
But you know what would make this even more fun? If it was pop-rocks inside the toilet. That way it could simulate a toilet explosion/plumbing problems. Regardless, this is just plain ridiculous.

Quietly making noise,