theMT Recommendations - September 06

Continuing to stay on top of the latest and the greatest, I offer these as the September recommendations.

At-Home Massages - we have hired the services of an "at-home masseuse."  She leans more toward therapy than creepy mysticism(so no new-age music, chimes or nature sounds - just the sound of mangokids in various corners of the house).  Costs are not prohibitive, but even so we only hire her as an occasional treat.

iPods - Last year my best friend Eric bought me an ipod for my birthday.  I admit, at first I thought it was a little too trendy for me, but now I am an iPod, podcast fanatic. (which will lead me to another post in the future).  I especiallyl love it on car trips, because I can load it with books-on-tape, Buffett and sermons, etc...

Community Softball - some men from our church play in a community league.  It has become a weekly time of great fellowship for many families as we cheer them on to the championship.  We even have theme music (boom box) and sound effects (swoosh! hey batter batter!).  We sing "take me out to the ballgame" and generally act nuts!

Coke in a Bottle - Coke in a can is okay. Coke from a tap - okay too.  But, CocaCola in a bottle, dripping with sweat from a large pail of ice - wowza!  I half expect to receive one upon my entrance into heaven.  Where we live, the best source for bottled coke are the multiple taco trucks parked around town.

Taco Trucks - Carne asada tacos (at least three of them), with everything. It has taken me a while to warm up to them, but I have become a connoisseur and even have a favorite truck.

Quietly making noise,